Three Ways a Roof Needs Replacing

Knowing when to replace your roof will save you a lot of money. Both by not replacing it before it needs to be replaced and by preventing further damage that can be caused by an old roof. Conventional wisdom says that roofs can last 15 to 30 years, though this does depend on the materials the roof is made of.


Knowing the history of your roof will also give you an idea of when your roof will need to be replaced, including knowing the materials your roof is made of. Checking on the aging signs of your roof is also a great way to know when your roof is ready to be replaced. When you are ready for a roof replacement, Roswell Roofing contractors will be with you every step of the way.

Your Roof’s History

Having a copy of your roof’s history is key to knowing when it is time to replace your roof. Not only will this tell you when the roof was last replaced or repaired, but it will also tell you what materials the roof is made out of. Both of these are important factors in knowing when to replace a roof.


If you cannot ask the previous owners when the roof was last replaced, you can find out through building permits. You can also ask the roofing company if you know who it is. This is also a way to find out about any warranties on the roof in case any problems you have with the roof fall under that warranty.

Materials of the Roof

While getting your roof replaced every 15 to thirty years is a good general rule, some materials wear down quicker. When considering when to have your roof replaced, you will need to consider what your roof is made of. Some materials last 15 years and other roofing materials can last much longer with proper care.


The materials your roof is made out of is also impacted by the weather in your area. Houses in climates with a lot of weather variance will have roofs that need to be replaced more often than houses in drier climates. Climate will also impact the kind of roof you can have and what you can make your roof out of.

Wear and Tear

Even the most well-maintained roofs get worn down. The natural elements will erode the roof and begin to cause problems. Roofs are built to withstand the elements but even the sturdiest roofs will begin to show signs of aging after years of use.


The biggest signs of aging to watch out for in your roof are warping shingles and tiles, decay at the intersections, and any leaks in the attic. These are signs that your roof needs to be replaced soon before bigger problems start to happen.


When replacing your roof, it is important to look for the best. Roofing contractors in Roswell are happy to work with you to make sure your roof protects you and your home for years.






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