What to Include in a Movie Synopsis

Training involves psychological and physical exercise and evaluations created to provide initiates/cadets control over their own bodies, their feelings and their own Best Action Movie.

It’s now in the film we find that youthful Kitai, while demonstrating impressive physical skills is lacking in psychological and psychological control, problems he is going to be made to deal with later on in the film.

Below is a summary of initiatory measures as advocated from the ancients and depicted in”After Earth”

Trek Throughout Nature in Solitude Using a Mission to Finish

Initiate must confront and defeat several trials to Be Able to Achieve their target (manhood)

Endurance (Breathing connected to inhalers)

Initiate must shield and ration limited Number of equipment, ie; water, food, medical

Managing confrontation with possible threat.

It might be worth mentioning here that Kitai neglected his initial experience with risk (the monkeys) spectacularly! His Father told him to take charge of his Ability and observe what he generates. Kitai couldn’t restrain his fear and nervousness and consequently made a situation where his life was at risk and forcing him to flee in the confrontation that he made out of fear. In initiation, this will be anticipated. The start must fail to be able to comprehend what can lead to recklessness and unchecked anxiety.
Luke took FEAR to the cave and was faced with it in the kind of his Father, Darth Vader – although this Vader was only a generation of Luke’s fearful ideas.

Facing medical crisis – avoidance by river leach and self control of anti-venom.

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